Stella Maris Antwerpen
Apostolatus Maris vzw

Stella Maris is managed by the non-profit organisation Apostolatus Maris vzw, a global organisation present in the major world ports. Together with other seaman's missions, we offer sailors in the Antwerp Seafarers' Center a meeting place for a refreshment or contact with the family via mobile phone or laptop. Every day we go on board with a team of chaplains and ship visitors. We listen to the problems and look for solutions. Every sailor feels at home with us without distinction of race or religion. We offer a safe harbour in the harbour, a listening ear, a place where the sailor can escape from the monotony on board.

Stella Maris c/o Apostolatus Maris vzw

Noorderlaan 100
2030 Antwerpen

Telephone: +32 (0) 3 233 34 75


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