About us

Stella Maris Antwerp is part of this worldwide network of Stella Maris families who have a permanent place in every port of any size serving sailors from all over the world. We call it a ‘foyer’ where we create an atmosphere of conviviality, friendship, confidentiality, security, etc. In Stella Maris a sailor ends up for a confidential conversation with a pastor / chaplain with whom he can share his strictly personal concerns. At the bar he can order his drinks, usually and preferably in a language familiar to him, without necessarily having to count the change. He ends up in the adjacent shop for the small needs of every day such as replacing the empty tube of toothpaste, cards to send home,  an Antwerp or Belgian souvenir for the wife or girlfriend in his home country.

Chairman: Kapt. Jacques D'havé
Email: jacques.dhave@gmail.com

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