Seamen's Missions and Welfare

The welfare wing was fully furnished by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and consists of a large office space where, according to the landscape concept, each representative (chaplain / pastor) has his own desk and where he can plug in his personal laptop. Wi-Fi is provided at all desks. Printer and photocopier can be used together. The delegates of the missions and their volunteer staff can also use a small kitchenette.

They also have a meeting room and a private lounge where they can receive sailors for a private conversation.

The reception area is directly connected to the foyer where free coffee and water is available to all visitors. There is also a fridge for self-service sweets, soft drinks and beers. A bartender also serves draft beers every day from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Visitors can also go through to the shop, where they can buy toiletries, souvenirs, sweets, etc.

The salon in the AHH, where sailors are welcome.

Noorderlaan 100 is also the official address for the other missions located in Anwerp Seafarers' Welfare:

Internationaal Zeemanshuis Antwerpen (IZA)

P/a Antwerp Harbour Hotel

Noorderlaan 100
2030 Antwerpen

Email: welfare@antwerpharbourhotel

  • Deutsche Seemannsmission


  • Finnish Seamen's Church


  • Swedish Maritime Administration


Stella Maris Antwerpen



  • Jos Vanhoof, hoofdaalmoezenier, 

+32 498 81 07 24

  • Jorgedy Bago 

+32 498 81 07 24 

  • Kiran Joy Payikatt

      32 465 89 02 00

The entrance of the Anwerp Harbor Hotel, which is now the base of operations for Stella Maris and for all the other seaman's missions committed to the welfare of seamen in Antwerp.

Stella Maris Ghent:

Seamen Centre Zeebrugge:

Mediport, member of Antwerp Seafarers’ Welfare is also located at the same location.


Seamen's Missions and Welfare

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